The CI International Community of Action (CIICA) was established on International CI day, 25 February, 2021. CIICA is the result of a global consultation on CI advocacy issues; the summary is to be found in its Foundation Document, at

CIICA is led by users and family groups, working closely with professional organisations, experts in the field of CI and other stakeholders to increase access to cochlear implantation and lifelong support for those who could benefit from them.


  • To develop a global community of CI advocacy groups, with opportunities to share activities and resources and collaborate to strengthen the user and family voice.
  • To provide CI advocates with the tools for change they need to increase access to CI services.
  • To increase access to the provision of CI and lifelong services globally.

“The cochlear implant is one of the most successful of all neural prostheses developed to date”  –  WHO, 2021

“Children with cochlear implants have greater likelihood of acquiring oral language, integrating into regular schools and being able to experience sounds along with better speech skills.” (WRH, page 98)

The CIICA network now has 74 global organisations and 330 individuals committed to our goals and sharing and inspiring each other to action.

Visit our website to see our activities and resources and join the network to increase access to CI provision globally.