The International Cochlear Implant Day is celebrated all over the world to raise awareness among the people with hearing disorders about the benefits of implantation changing life for the better.

A cochlear implant is a surgically implanted electronic device that provides a sense of sound to a person who has a severe or profound hearing loss.

It does not cure deafness or hearing impairment, but is a prosthetic substitute which directly stimulates the cochlea. There are over 250,000 users world wide.

Here is what you can do today to help spread awarness and celebrate CI day:

  1. Change your profile picture for Cochlear Implant Day! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest….
  2. Show your cochlear implant, be proud of your implantation. Take a picture and share it any social platform, use the hashtag #CochlearImplantDay to make sure that everyone can see your pictures.
  3. Help others! Share your story and be a mentor, it can be a huge help for someone who’s considering or has questions about getting a cochlear implant, it is always great to listen to personal experiences!