Our mission

The Board of ESPCI consists of the former organisers (Presidents) of the symposia. The Mission of the Board is to is to promote knowledge and skills on paediatric cochlear implantation through the organisation in Europe of a biennial symposium. This symposium aims at improving cochlear implant access, delivery, services and outcomes for children.

ESPCI Board: membership

The Board consists of former organisers (presidents) of ESPCI meetings and the president(s) of the upcoming meeting.

Board membership is for 30 years max, and Board members cannot be replaced.

The president of the Board is the president of the last Symposium.

A General Secretary will be appointed by a  majority vote of the Board present at a meeting for a period of at least 4 years and can be re-elected.

The role is to liaise between the local organisers and the Board.

The full ESPCI Board meets at least once  every two years during the ESPCI symposium.

ESPCI supports:

  • a multi professional approach, including   scientists, otologists, audiologists, psychologists, therapists, educators and researchers

  • the promotion of good practice, challenging current thinking and stimulating fresh ideas

  • the promotion of recent outcomes of research

  • the promotion of knowledge and skills on the latest scientific and medical developments

  • the inclusion of key note speeches, plenary sessions, discussions, specialist workshops and free paper and poster sessions

  • the inclusion of learning opportunities for students in related sciences and disciplines

  • the inclusion of parents, carers and the young people/children themselves

Please read/download the official guidelines here.